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Creative entrepreneurship accessible to all women

Building your e-commerce and brand doesn't have to be difficult. With Famous in Vogue, you have all the tools to build a creative, successful and long lasting brand. Take your business to the next level in no time: create a brand that's impossible to ignore.

More than 500 women entrepreneurs have already used our services

Level up your brand

Find business ideas, learn through our community & guides

Take your first steps while being surrounded and guided. Join a community that shares the same goals as you: to create a dream brand! Exchange with other members, get answers to your questions, find business ideas, discover our brand development secrets, enjoy benefits and discounts. Get exclusive access with a membership!

carte de bougie famous in vogue
carte de bougie famous in vogue

Find the right collaborators for your brand

Choose from our growing list of over B2B 700 suppliers and over 700 freelancers selected based on our primary criteria: credibility, modernity, creativity, passion and quality. Sell sought-after products and build your brand

Create a stunning brand today.

Use our templates to develop and implement your business and marketing strategies. Download our high quality photo packs, gathered under different themes : make your communication more logic, creative and attractive.

carte de bougie famous in vogue
carte de bougie famous in vogue

Make an impact with a website tailored to your brand

Save time and boost your brand's sales with a high-performance e-commerce site: use our custom site templates. They are tailored to your brand and have the tools and guides you need to track and optimize your performance.

Why choose us ?

Our mission is to democratize women entrepreneurship, promote diversity and social responsibility. We help you create a legacy: a unique, creative and successful brand.

carte de bougie famous in vogue

We remain available 6/7days to answer your questions.

carte de bougie famous in vogue

Continued development of our online services to help facilitate the process of building a strong brand.

carte de bougie famous in vogue

Access to exportable lists, updated and fed regularly.