Ecommerce made easy for women

It’s how you build and launch an unforgettable brand

Are you struggling with time, tech skills or creativity ? Our all-in-one platform gives new ambitious and trend-driven female entrepreneurs access to valuable ready-to-use tools, resources and expert advice — everything you need to stay ahead of the game without breaking the bank !

More than 500 women entrepreneurs have already used our tools

What you'll get

STEP-by-STEP guidance and tools to create a TOP-TIER brand

Unlock access to our exclusive community platforms and resources

STEP 1 - Get connected with like-minded entrepreneurs in our vibrant community of ambitious go-getters and accelerate your success. With access to unlimited resources, workshops, and guidance for finding ideas and building a successful business, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. We provide insider tips straight from experienced professionals right at your fingertips! Start schooling yourself today and stay ahead of the game forever more, rise to the top !

carte de bougie famous in vogue
carte de bougie famous in vogue

Work Efficiently with B2B Suppliers & Creative Freelancers

STEP 2 - Find exactly what you need for each stage of your journey right here at our ultimate one stop shop! Whether it's creative freelancers or high quality suppliers – we got it all covered so forget about running around looking elsewhere – get started on creating lasting success today!

Cut time without compromising quality and make every project shine

STEP 3 - Save time by utilizing our professional design and business templates to create interesting visuals and complete strategies without going over budget or having zero technical skills needed! We make designing fast and simple so don’t worry about stressing over chaotic designs ever again – let us take care of it while you focus on scaling up growth instead !

carte de bougie famous in vogue
carte de bougie famous in vogue

Arouse interest in your brand with an eye-catching website

STEP 4 - Stand out online and draw customers to your business with a tailored website that reflects the style of your brand. With our custom site templates, you can save time and create a breathtaking experience for your visitors quickly and affordably. Maximize sales performance by tracking key data points and optimizing performance—our easy-to-follow tools provide the tips you need to get there!.

Why choose us ?

Our mission is to democratize women entrepreneurship, promote diversity and social responsibility. We help you create a legacy: a unique, creative and successful brand.

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We remain available 6/7days to answer your questions.

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Continued development of our online services to help facilitate the process of building a strong brand.

carte de bougie famous in vogue

Access to exportable lists, updated and fed regularly.