About us

Democratizing women's entrepreneurship in a world of opportunities

We're putting technology to work for women to help create parity in entrepreneurship. Get your turnkey brand.

It was while spending endless hours coming up with product ideas, trying to research quality suppliers, figuring out how to build and promote my various brands, and screaming about losing my budget on faulty products that I decided that entrepreneurship didn't have to be so complicated! While Famous in Vogue was created in 2016 and featured fashion trends, it wasn't until 2020 that I decided to put this concept, my skills and experience to work for female entrepreneurs to help them find suppliers who offer trendy products.

Today Famous in Vogue is a digital platform that brings together a community of Girl Bosses and an exclusive first-class service for ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to find both highly qualified wholesalers and manufacturers, get a turnkey brand and develop and grow that brand with creative and talented professionals, and **guides **to understand the essential steps.