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  1. We have many years of experience in buying products, communicating with suppliers and developing a digital marketing strategy. We know what mistakes not to make because we have already made them ourselves a few years ago! Choosing the wrong supplier and not solidifying your contract is a big risk of wasting time and money. What we want to avoid is supplying your store with inferior products that will drive your customers away.

  2. We have a very strong taste for fashion, cosmetics and trends. We don't miss a thing on social networks, especially in the "famous" circles. We'll make sure your store doesn't flop!

  3. Our team is bilingual and knows American, English and French trends pretty well.

  4. We love project management, the web and new technologies: "organizing", "organizing," "evaluating", "brainstorming", were our first words at birth 😉

We will be more than happy to put our experience at your service!

Famous in Vogue provides lists of wholesalers, manufacturers, custom lists on demand, and one-to-one sourcing and branding services.

Sourcing is a term often used in purchasing. It refers to an activity that focuses on researching, locating and evaluating suppliers through criteria predefined by the buyer.

Anyone can get a list by browsing the store part of our site. You need to add a listing to the cart, then click on the cart or go to the cart page to check out.

The suppliers on our lists are located in France, England, America and China. We always try to publish lists with an equal number of suppliers for each country. If a list contains only Chinese suppliers, this will be mentioned on the product page.

No, our suppliers do not come from Aliexpress and Wish. Aliexepress and Wish are platforms that connect retailers and individuals. These are so-called B to C (Business to Customer) services. Our suppliers only charge wholesale prices and only work with companies (B to B service). Some of them will ask you to register on their site to have a visibility on their range of products and sometimes even your company identification number and VAT.

We cannot give you a price, this information is to be asked to the different suppliers.

Purchase assistance

The budget depends on the type of product, the quantity and quality required as well as the MOQ imposed and the experience of the supplier. We cannot give you a precise price without having a minimum of information. However, you can start with a budget of 300£ / 300€ and integrate a very small collection to your business or e-commerce.

A MOQ or minimum order quantity is a term widely used by suppliers. It varies depending on the experience and skills of a supplier. The MOQ imposes a minimum order quantity. For example, a supplier may ask a customer to order in batches of 6, 50, 100 or more. Some Chinese suppliers accept single orders.

It depends on the provider. American, English and French suppliers often ask for it at registration. Chinese suppliers will rarely ask for it for small orders

If the product you are interested in does not appear in our store, you can either send us your suggestion through the contact box, or order a personalized list that will be delivered only to you.

Nous pouvons servir de passerelle. Il faut passer par le service d’aide à l’achat (grossiste ou fabricant) : veuillez nous contacter.

Suppliers ship worldwide, but be aware that shipping costs vary by country and by supplier's contract. You must negotiate with the supplier.

Nous acceptons l’euro et le dollar, si votre monnaie n’est pas l’une de ces devises, des frais vous seront possiblement prélevées par votre banque. Dans ce cas, nous ne nous tenons pas responsables de ces actions.

Si vous souhaitez payez avec une autre devise, merci de nous faire part de votre demande via Facebook, Instagram, ou via notre boîte de contact.

Problems and suggestions

In case of a technical problem like this one, you can contact us at any time so that we can send you your list. Please provide us with your order number beforehand.

If the product you are interested in does not appear in our store, you can either send us your suggestions through the contact box, or order a personalized list that will be personal to you.

Vous pouvez nous adresser votre demande via notre plateforme de contact en cliquant ici.

In this case, please send us your request via our contact box.

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